One Peeved Mom

Angry LadyDo not – I repeat – DO NOT mess with my kids, EVER!  You’ve heard what a mother bear does if you get between her and her cubs?  Well, you get between me and my kids and I guarantee that the fur is gonna fly!

Unfortunately, a woman who – up until today – I thought highly of, made the mistake of offering her opinion of one of my kids.  And her opinion was offered repleat with sarcasm and nasty overtones. She doesn’t like me much either, but I couldn’t care less about that.  She can get in line behind all the others who want to whisper mean things about me to anyone willing to pay attention.  Bring it on.  But if you start in on one of my offspring, you’d best come armed to the teeth.

Too bad for her that her email was accidentally (???) forwarded to me.  Hell hath no fury as a mother protecting her kid from injustice.

I won’t go into a lot of details, but let us simply say that within a few hours, I received a full apology.  I’ve redirected this woman, pointing out that it really wasn’t me she needed to apologize to, it was to the child she insulted.  I had passed along the copy of her email to some individuals that I believed needed to be made aware of the situation.  She wasn’t too happy with me for that, and complained vociferously that it should have been kept between us.  Funny, I said, would this thought not also apply to her criticisms of my kid and I?  Riddle me that, Bat Man.

I’m hoping that said kid receives the apology in a timely fashion, because I would seriously hate to have to bare my fangs and claws again and go after this woman.  It’s just not pretty.  The good news is, though, that this kid is one tough cookie and can hold her own when necessary.  And she will do it with grace, with class, and with strength.  She will be one ferocious mother bear one of these days.  Thank God that won’t be soon!


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