If you live along the Wasatch Front, you may be interested to know about a big event on December 8th.  We are calling it “Authorpalooza” and it is a great opportunity to get your hands on autographed copies of books by local authors and illustrators.  Here are all the details:

December 8 – 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
West Jordan Barnes & Nobel (at the Jordan Landing center)
authors and illustrators scheduled to appear:

11 – 1:30: Ken Baker; Shannon Hale; Sherry Meidell; Christine Graham; Guy Francis; Jessica Day George

1:30 – 4: Sara Zarr; Becky Hall; Randall Wright; Anne Bowen; Mark & Caralyn Buehner

4 – 6:30: James Dashner; Kim Justesen; Rick Walton; Nathan Hale; Mette Ivie Harrison; Ann Dee Ellis

There is nothing better than a personalized gift, and an autographed book is a great way to go.

Hope you can join us on December 8!


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