One of the things I love most about my husband is his willingness to take off at a moment’s notice and escape.  We’ve had a tough few weeks, partly due to my work schedule and mental health, partly due to two of our kids, and partly due to the fact that it’s just a difficult time of year.  We needed some down time, some time to reconnect with each other, and so we took advantage of the generosity of my mom and step-dad, and we ditched the kids and headed south.

I had a legitimate reason for heading to St. George – two friends of mine were being installed as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of their Eastern Star chapter.  On Tuesday, November 20, I was installed as Worthy Matron of my chapter, so I know what a big job it is to host the installation, and to take on leadership of the group for a year.   kiminstall.jpgI wanted to go to lend them both some support, but I also really, REALLY, wanted to spend some time with Mike.  I got both, and it was fabulous.

We decided to stay in Mesquite so we could do a little gambling.  That turned out to be a riot.  By the end of Friday night, we were both up some money.  We turned in around midnight and spent some quality, adult, one-on-one time together. On Saturday, I went to the installation over in Washington City (next to St. George in Southern Utah), and Mike sat at the casino and watched the Utah/BYU football game.  That was the worst part of the trip, with Utah losing in the last minutes of the game. 

We opted to stay up and gamble again, and by 9:30 Saturday night I had increased my winnings to more than $500, and Mike was up around $300.   Saturday night was another chance to be physically close, and we took full advantage of it.  We are both typically so tired at night that we do little more than say “good night” to each other when we crawl into bed.  Two consecutive nights of closeness is a luxury and we savored every moment of it.

We got up early Sunday morning and drove to Hurricane to golf at Sky Mountain.  Can you say “gorgeous!”? skymountain1.jpgWe met a delightful couple from Colorado, had loads of fun being lousy golfers, skymountain2.jpgand drove home with a sense of relaxation and calm that we had been missing for some time.  It was a great little escape: much needed, well-deserved, and over due.  I’m hoping we can sneak away again in January.


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