Kids & Cats

I love animals, with the slight exception of horses because I’m deathly afraid of them.  I even like snakes and lizards (we own a lizard, well, my 12-year-old owns her and her name is Gizzard).  Animals have always been a part of my life.  I’ve owned dogs and cats since I was a kid, and each one of them has become a special part of my life.

In addition to the lizard, we also own two dogs and a cat.  The cat, named Squeak (short for “Her Royal Highness Princess Squeak-Squeak-Squeakity-Squeakums”) has been providing me with great entertainment today, and I believe it to be some sort of sign.  I’m not sure from whom, but someone or something knew I needed to laugh today.  Maybe it’s from Squeak herself.  Doesn’t matter.  It worked.  See for yourself:

squeakybox1.jpgI bought my daughter a new pair of shoes for gym class yesterday.  She conveniently left the bag and box on the kitchen counter.  Squeak has decided that this makes for a great napping place.  She has been here all day:squeakybox2.jpg This reminds me of little kids at Christmas.  It doesn’t matter what gifts you give them; how exciting the toys are or how interesting the thing in the box might be.  What little kids want most (after ripping the paper off), is the box itself.  They are far more interested in that chunk of cardboard than they are in anything that previously occupied said chunk of cardboard.

Squeak has been curled up in her little hidey-place since early this morning.  Occasionally she leans her head over and gnaws on the edge of the box, but mostly, this is how she has spent her day.

I stood by the counter and poured my coffee. I ate a bowl of cereal by the counter.  I washed dishes and put them away, and yet she didn’t move.  She didn’t follow me to the laundry room (which she normally does because that’s where her food is), she didn’t flinch when the phone sitting next to her rang.  She is clearly very content in her little cubby on the counter, and I intend to let her stay there as long as she wants.

I needed to smile this morning, and Squeak helped me to accomplish that.  And it was a great reminder of my kids from many Christmases past.  I should be frustrated that my daughter didn’t clean up her things, but I’m having a hard time being unhappy about the outcome of this.

I think I’ll just enjoy the smile on my face and the lightness of my mood today.  What a great little gift, and it’s not even my birthday yet!


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