A New Meme to Try

It’s late, I have insomnia again, so I came up with a meme with which I’m tagging those of you who read this page.  Here’s what you do:

Go to Google Image Search.  Type in the name of the last book you really enjoyed (I say that because you may not have enjoyed the last book you read).  Perform the search. Now, obviously you’re going to get pictures of the book cover, but see what else comes up, and how it relates to your life right now.  Here is mine:

“This is What I Did” by Ann Dee Ellis (and might I HIGHLY recommend this book!).

 To give proper credit – this comes from the web site of Mark R. Baker, an illustrator (and a pretty good one).  This picture is a marvelous example of how I’m feeling right about now.  It’s two weeks to the end of the quarter, I have eight classes to provide grades for, and I’m getting a flood of late assignments from students because I’m a pushover (I’m working on that, I swear!). On top of working on revisions for a novel and dealing with the holidays, I’m feeling a bit like I’m up to my eyeballs in alligators!

 Ditto the above comments! This is what I call stressed out.

This is what I’d rather be doing!

Knitting is my second favorite creative outlet, and I haven’t worked on anything in months.  I find it to be a very cathartic and relaxing activity, and clearly one that I need to make time for.

 This one comes from The Ivory Hut here on Word Press (http://ivoryhut.wordpress.com).  It reminds me that it is late, and that a lack of sleep is a bad thing for me. More than just being tired and crabby in the morning, it makes me more prone to anxiety.  When you have Bipolar Disorder, anxiety is a bad thing, and by bad, I mean hide all the sharp objects in the house.  It reminds me of one other thing (and then I’m off to bed, I promise): there is a lovely saying that comes from the “What the Bleep Do We Know” movie (rent it!) that says, “. . . if it is in fact, the Observer watching me the whole time I’m doing this [creating my day and influencing its outcome], and there is a spiritual aspect to myself, then show me a sign today, that you paid attention to any one of these things I created.  Bring them in a way I won’t expect, so that I’m surprised at my ability to experience these things, and make it apparent that it has come from you.” – Dr. Joseph Dispenza

I am striving, amidst the chaos of my life at the moment, to affect positive change for myself.  I endeavor (not always successfully) to radiate positive feelings, positive energy (I know – I sound downright 70s, don’t I).  And I ask for little miracles, little signs that I’m moving in the right direction, or that I need to change direction.  The other day, the sign came in the form of my cat entertaining me.  The image of the moon is a sign I need to redirect myself and get some much-needed sleep.

Have fun with the meme, and drop me a note to let me know how it went!  OH – and pass along the names of the books you used!  I’m always up for good reading suggestions!


4 thoughts on “A New Meme to Try

  1. bkclubcare says:

    Fascinating! Count me in on this one soon. And I enjoyed the Bleep movie, too. I feel the positive energy you are radiating out! good luck keeping out of the reach of those alligators, – Care

  2. ivoryhut says:

    Hi there! Glad you liked the moon shot. Thanks for the link, and the interesting meme. I have to admit I needed to Google “meme” to understand what it was.

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