New Year’s Meme

I came up with a New Year’s Meme and I’m tagging Lisa, Alison, Shaunda, Care, Dr. Tom, and anyone else who would like to try it and post your results.

 It goes like this:

1 – Have you every really committed to a New Year’s Resolution, following through past the month of, say, March? What were the results?

2 – Have you ever made a resolution that turned out differently than what you had in mind when you made it? How was it different and was it better, or worse, than what you expected?

3 – Are you making resolutions this year? (You don’t have to say what they are if you don’t want!)

And here are my answers:

1. In 2004 I committed to pushing my writing and finding a publisher.  The objective was to find a publisher for just one book, my novel called “My Brother the Dog” and that was all.  As 2004 drew to a close, I had about given up when I received a contract for not just the novel, but for three other books as well.  The “Hey, Ranger” series was published in December of 2005, and the novel came out in the spring of 2006. I need to make this kind of commitment again!

2. In 2000 I made a resolution that I would learn how to knit. I had always wanted to knit, and I had crocheted since I was a little girl.  I had tried previously to learn to knit, but had failed miserably. I was not optimistic about my chances. This time, however, with the aid of a book and the help of a friend who owns a yarn shop, I got it!  I would say it turned out surprisingly good, but my husband might disagree.  Now I have twice the reason to buy yarn! 

3. Yes – I am most definitely making resolutions.  I have the typical ones (lose weight, get in shape), but I have a few others.  I resolve to finish writing my s/f novel and get it circulating.  I resolve to find an agent with whom I can work (I’ve had two agents in the past, neither of which worked out very well). I resolve to rededicate myself to being a writer first and a teacher second, not the other way around (there will be some people who are not happy to hear this). I resolve to write more poetry and not to worry so much about how I think others will read it! And I resolve to constantly let my husband and children know how important they are to me, that without them, none of the other resolutions have any meaning.

Good luck everyone, and Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “New Year’s Meme

  1. bkclubcare says:

    hey! You mean me!? I posted a response at Lisa’s blog… on yes, I’ve had successes but not as BIG as yours – WOW! (I’m humbled to be incommunication with a real published author – they don’t happen into my current circle which is why I am loving this blog thing… anyway)

    I have goals to read more, exercise more, eat less sugar, etc. I will read Anna Karenina (as it waits patiently on my table calling to me and I sit here instead blogging!)

    I do love your last goal the best – remember who & what makes life worthwhile. Best to you in 08 – I’ll be cheering you on! – Care

  2. lisamm says:

    This was a lot of fun! Thanks for tagging me. I’m in awe of what you’ve been able to accomplish. Way to go!

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