Who Are You? + Meme

So I checked on my blog stats this evening, and boy – what a surprise!  An average of 30+ people a day stop by, which is a little higher than I was expecting.  So my question is – who are you all? 

 Some I already know, like Lisa and Care, and a few others who think they are being sneaky but aren’t really – but there are a number of you who are anonymous. I guess that’s the great part about the Internet – you can be a voyeur into other people’s lives and not feel guilty about it.  If we are posting our deep, dark secrets on the Internet, they must not be all that secret after all.

But it would be fun to know who’s there, so feel free to add a comment.  If you don’t want to leave a note for others to see, click on the link to my website and then send me an email from there.  I’m just curious to know who’s out there.  Of course, if you choose to remain anonymous, that’s fine, too.

 Now – for the Meme.

It’s a 3-Question Meme, so here they are, followed by my own answers:

1. Which writer would you most like to meet and why this person?

2. If you could meet this writer, how would you spend your time with him or her?

3. If you could tell this writer just one thing, what would you say?

And here are my thoughts, for what they are worth:

1. I would most like to meet Paul Zindel, because when I was a teenager, his books were a lifeline to me.

2. If I could actually meet him, I’d probably just follow him around like a shadow, watching how he worked and eavesdropping on his life.  Unfortunately, he died a few years ago, so this would be a lot harder to do now!

3. I would tell him thank you for making me feel less like a dork, less like there was something terribly wrong with me.  I would thank him for the stories that meant so much to me.

 Now it’s your turn, and I’m tagging those anonymous visitors (and those of you I know) to answer, and let me know when you post your responses!


2 thoughts on “Who Are You? + Meme

  1. bkclubcare says:

    Hmmm. My first instant thought is that I would enjoy meeting Steve Martin! or Gene Wilder – I see that he has a new book on the market. I would probably prefer a chat at a quiet coffee house. I would want to hear their opinions of Hollywood, why they seem to quiet in ‘real life’ compared to their show personas, and I would want to know what they are currently working on.

  2. kwjwrites says:

    I LOVE Gene Wilder!

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