Sharing Good News

I got this email on Wednesday evening, and I am so excited to share someone else’s good news!


About 5 years ago I attended your one-day picture book workshop at the University of Utah.  It was my first such class.  I followed many of your suggestions:  joining SCBWI, attending conferences, forming a critique group, subscribing to newsletters, etc. Thank you!

At last, I have good news to report.  I received a contract for my first picture book EVER!  Tilbury House Publishers will publish my pb, Missing John, spring of 2009! 

Thank you so much for providing the overview workshop and its “ripple effect” that has kept me writing all these years. 


Jean Reagan

 Among my former students I have a large number who are now published, and in a few cases, considerably more successful than I am.  I get very excited for each of them, and I am thrilled when they share their stories with me.  Some of my previous students include: Anne Bowen, Becky Hall, Randall Wright, and now Jean Reagan.  You can look them up!  They’re all real, and all great writers! I love this part of being a writing teacher!  I get to be proud of them and excited for them, and it makes me feel like I’ve made a contribution of some sort.  I would never go so far as to lay claim to their success – they did all the hard work, not me – but I do get to help celebrate, and that’s the best part!


2 thoughts on “Sharing Good News

  1. That’s so exciting for you! I took a writing class last summer at the University of Iowa and remember our teacher showing off the work of her former students. She was like the proud mom. Good for you!

  2. The music biz in Nashville has gotten pretty commercial, but they used to say there was a story every month about someone ready to pack up and go home who then got a break.

    Don’t know ya kid, but you give hope to everyone writing by sharing the good news. Good luck.

    Dr. B

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