Bless This Moment

Bless This Moment


Time is like a butterfly wing

comprised of delicate pieces.

It brushes across your fingers

leaving traces of itself on your skin

as it moves away from you with each breath.

Your attempts to hold it tighter,

to hold it longer,

to keep it somehow captive do nothing more

than destroy what you have so fleetingly

because what you want you can’t have anyway

at any cost

no matter how carefully you try to hold it.

So bless this moment

and let your breath out

and as it floats away from you

look at your fingers for gold glistening there

because that’s all you have left of it

when it leaves.

But it’s enough.


4 thoughts on “Bless This Moment

  1. queenyellowsun says:

    beautiful! love it! what a blessing!

  2. damyantig says:

    This poem made me think of how I often feel, and how beautifully you have expressed it. I am copying it out to savor it again later.

  3. damyantig says:

    I am far behind you as far as poetry is concerned, but I posted a poem on my blog for the first time today. So I guess there is hope.

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