Time Wasters

I am a notorious time waster.  I have lots of ways that I can waste hours during the week, during the weekend, when I can’t sleep, etc.  I’m well aware that it’s a bad habit, but I’ve really not cared much until this week. So I’m making some changes.

One of my big time wasters – though not necessarily a waste of time – is reading blogs.  I read a lot of them.  Some of them are excellent, and they offer great insights on a variety of topics. I have links to some of them right here on my page.  Dr. Tom Biby is a favorite of mine – he and I think a lot alike.  Others make me think “Well there’s 15 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.” It amazes me the drivel some people believe is worthy of posting in a public space.  If you’re not yet 40, about to get married to your third husband, all you can do is rag on your second husband, and you feel a compelling need to tell everyone that your mental health disorders are out of whack – you need a life.  Seriously. Possibly one that doesn’t include blogging. (Ask me privately and I’ll direct you to that one if you like looking at train wrecks).

Another major time waster of mine is games.  There are several computer games that I have to confess to being addicted to.  Scrabulous is one of them, probably my favorite, and it is because of Scrabulous that I realized I needed to make some changes.  See, when my husband is out of town (he’s in Alaska at the moment, on a fishing trip with all the men in our family), I don’t sleep well.  After 15 years of having someone there next to you, when that someone isn’t there it’s a very insecure feeling.  So my insomnia is running on high, and I got up at 3:00 this morning because I couldn’t sleep.  Much to my horror, when I tried to log into my Scrabulous game – I couldn’t.  Scrabulous has been taken down due to a legal conflict with the makers of Scrabble. I was grief-stricken.  Realizing that my favorite way to kill time was gone, I actually felt a moment of panic, and then it hit me: I’m upset over a stupid game! 

Now, I realize this sounds like a “Well, DUH!” kind of moment, and in a way it was. And no, it’s not the “I could have been spending all that time writing,” moment that some people will think it should be.  I write an average of 20 hours a week.  The games and blog reading are sort of a reward for getting my work done.  What I realized at 3:00 this morning was that I’ve let something get control of part of my life rather than me being in control of it. And that is going to stop – today!  There are still a few blogs I will keep reading, because of their insights into writing, books, or music, but the train wrecks have got to go.  Those people need to fend for themselves, and I surely do not need to waste any more of my time on their mental health nightmares. The games have to go, too.  There aren’t really any that I love as much as Scrabulous, and if it’s gone for a while, all the better for me.  That just makes this easier.

It’s such a relief to find that you can shed something unwanted so easily.  Okay, I realize it won’t be that easy – habits are patterns and they are easy to fall back into when you’re not diligent.  On the other hand, when I look at how much of the stuff I was wasting time on wasn’t doing anything for me, I don’t imagine I’ll be terribly tempted to go back any time soon. But to Dr. Tom and my other favorite blogs – let’s keep up the dialog!


2 thoughts on “Time Wasters

  1. I met your blog on a blogroll, and found myself nodding at every sentence of Time Wasters!

    I am a writer (only recently found the courage to call myself that:) ) and I love the way you make your posts inspiring and practical at the same time.

  2. Kim Justesen says:

    So glad you found me, and thanks for the note! I look forward to exchanging ideas and insights.


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