Love & Loathing

While I have a book that bears this title, I’m not really writing about Borderline Personality Disorder, or the book today.  I’m applying this term to modern technology, or to be specific, about my computer.  The cursed (pronounce this curse-ed) machine is possessed of demons.  Actually, according to the tech guy at P.C. Laptops, the motherboard is kaput.  I’m having to use the computer where I work.  Not such a big deal, except I hate going to work on a day I don’t have to be there.

Modern technology, such as computers and iPods and such, is certainly one of humankind’s most amazing achievements.  It allows us to speak instantly to people who live hundreds of thousands of miles away, provides us with instant information on any subject our minds can conceive of, helps us to work quickly and effectively at our jobs.  Unfortunately, technology is not perfect, and when a computer breaks down, the individuals who rely on that technology are left to flounder about in dismay.  That’s me, a flounder, flopping helplessly about.

I rely on my computer on a daily basis.  I check e-mail, I write, I do my preparatory work for teaching, I check in with friends; my computer is deeply integrated into my daily life, and now I don’t have it.  It’s exasperating. 

I’ve actually been writing in notebooks that I bought for my kids for school, and then today I broke down and came into work so that I could access the internet.  I’m hoping to have this dilemma resolved by the end of the week.  The problem is that if you replace the motherboard, you also have to replace the processor, because our motherboard is so old they don’t make it anymore.  Then we have to upgrade the RAM so that it will handle the processor.  Even doing all that, there’s no guarantee things will work smoothly, because so many of the components in our computer are nearly five years old (practically dinosaurs in computer terms).  More than likely I’m going to have to buy a new computer, and I’m still trying to pay for two kids to go back to school, and for the other one to start college.

Apparently, I am addicted to my computer.  I’m considering selling my prized possessions just so that I can afford to fix the one I’ve got.  I’m a computer junkie.  What a terrible thought.  Maybe our primitive, cave-dwelling ancestors didn’t have it so bad after all.


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