The Final Straw

My daughter’s dog, Mocha, left us today.  The final straw was this:

 This is what happens when you leave Mocha alone for a few hours without locking her in a kennel or a room.  The vet refers to this as “Separation Anxiety” but my husband refers to this as “A One-Way Ticket Out.”

I took her to the Humane Society today.  I haven’t quit crying yet.  Despite her destructive behaviors, she was a sweet, playful dog with a lot of potential.  Unfortunately, she needs to be in a home where there is a lot of attention and discipline.  That requires time.  Our family is never home, most especially the daughter to whom Mocha actually belonged. 

It wasn’t for lack of trying – believe me.  I spent $600 on one training program, $1,200 on another.  We used a shock collar, a crate (the kind made for big dogs, not the wooden kind), and verbal commands.  She’s a smart dog.  She can do all the things we trained her to do, but unfortunately, if you don’t stay on her all the time, she looks for ways to stay busy.  So I had to be the bad guy and drive her to the Humane Society.  This whole event has been enough to convince me that I may never get another pet after the remaining two have passed on.

If you would, please, offer a small prayer on behalf of Mocha that the right family will find her and give her a good home.


2 thoughts on “The Final Straw

  1. Tracy says:

    Oh, poor Mocha. And I understand how frustrated you must have been. Did you know behavior problems are the among the biggest concerns of many vets?

    I wish Mocha the best and I hope her new family has a lot of time to invest in her separation anxiety. Having a Lab with severe separation anxiety and yes, lots of destructive behavior, I know it’s a tough thing to go through. Luckily, I invested my time and money in a behavior modification progream that worked for my dog. He’s not perfect, but he’s not chewing through walls any more. Prayers to Mocha and family!

  2. deanjbaker says:

    I know dealing with a pet can be extreme joy, and also the pain and disruption you mention.
    Yet as many pets have personalties that will mesh and make us feel as welcome as they are, so there will be other sweet dogs waiting for you.

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