New Hair, New Sweater, New Girl

I bought a new sweater today.  I went into WalMart, looking for some Valentines goodies for my children and my hubby, but mostly killing time before my hair appointment.  Among my treasures from this trip, I found a lovely jewel-toned purple sweater on sale!  I couldn’t believe the price, so I splurged.  It was a minor thrill, but I left WalMart with a smile, which isn’t typical for me at all.

Off to the hair dresser I went.  I haven’t had my hair cut or colored in about five months, so I was SERIOUSLY overdue.  I love my stylist – a gal about my age who is a former student of mine.  We became friends over time, and I just adore this woman.  Besides, she makes me look good.  It took nearly two and a half hours to achieve, but I love my new do.  A new sweater and a new hair style made me feel like a new girl.  And it was weird.  Really.

I guess I’ve been feeling a little – well – blah.  Perhaps because it’s winter, perhaps because I’m struggling with work and writing and kids and life, perhaps because football season is over for the year – who knows? – but I haven’t been my usual self and it took a few simple things to point that out to me.  Simple things, not big extravagances, seem to be what works to shake off the blahs.  At least for me.  It’s not that I wouldn’t like some those big extravagances.  A trip Hawaii would be delightful right about now, but like everyone else in the universe, the economic realities in my life won’t really allow for that. That’s part of why I went to WalMart instead of the big local mall.

Interestingly – as I’ve been talking about writer’s block so much recently – it’s the small things that make a difference to my writing as well.  Maybe it’s the sweater, maybe it’s the new hair – don’t know don’t care – but this afternoon I began toying with an idea that worked it’s way into a solution for a road block on a novel.  As I worked through the logic of the idea, comparing it to the beginning of the book and the development of the character, it made sense.  While sitting at a red light, I jotted a few notes so I wouldn’t forget before I got to a computer.  When I got home, I pulled up the file and wrote a few paragraphs.  The main character, a girl named Carleigh, approved of the new ideas, and she instantly wanted more time and attention than she has asked for in a few weeks.  Unfortunately, I had to get ready for work. I put her on hold and promised, as soon as I got home I would get back to the story.  So that’s where I’m going – home from work to do my real work with a much improved attitude.


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