The Real Poets of West Jordan High – Take 2

Once again, I was honored to be invited as a judge for the West Jordan High School poetry slam.

Impressed is a word that almost comes close to my feelings.

Anyone who writes poetry knows that it is an act of the soul.  Anyone who writes poetry and is then brave enough to read it to someone else understands courage.  The winners of this slam (and it’s too bad we couldn’t give more than 5 awards), not only wrote amazing works of art, but they memorized and performed them in front of a large auditorium filled with students, teachers, and parents. 

All the finalists are to be commended on their outstanding work.  From those who made us laugh, to those who tugged our hearts, you are all outstanding writers. I want to give a few shout outs – as carefully as I can here – to the poem “A Very Funny Story” – because that took courage.  Also to the poem “Velvet” and to “A Dark Night” – because they had some of the most amazing descriptive language of any poem I’ve every heard or read.

Another shout out to Ms. Lavin who runs the slam.  She is a delight to work with, and she should be given some sort of award for having established this wonderfully successful project.  May it continue in perpetuity.

I hope I can continue to be invited back for many years to come.


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