Fortune Cookie Wisdom

I believe in looking for signs.  I think the universe speaks to us, gives us clues and such. Yes, it’s a little weird, but I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in synchronicity.  Here is a recent example:

I have been offered a new job.  It’s a great job – full-time with awesome benefits.  However, it has little flexibility for things like writing and school visits.  The job I have now is quite flexible, and they are incredibly supportive of my writing life.  In fact, when I do a book signing, they typically send out an email to our corporate office announcing it.  But the new offer is tempting.  It would equate to nearly a 30% raise over what I earn now. 

I’ve been stressing over this choice for days.  I’ve been going back and forth, worrying about what would happen to my writing if I took the job, and what it would mean financially if I did.  Then last night, my kids and I decided to have Chinese food for dinner.  It was delicious (gotta love Panda Express). The tradition in our family is that you must close your eyes when you pick your fortune cookie. 

 I let everyone else pick theirs, and I took the last one.  I cracked it open and read the following: Stay close to your inner self. You will benefit in many ways.

It really struck close to home.  Of course, I don’t make major decisions based on fortune cookies. When my husband returned home from a weekend fishing trip, I told him I’d been noodling over this job offer and that I was not sure what to do.

“Don’t take it,” he said.  I looked to see if he was being sincere.  He was.

“Why not,” I asked.  I was certain he’d tell me to go for the bigger paycheck.

“You’ll be miserable within a few weeks, and no amount of money is worth that.”

See why I love him?  So I told him, “I had a fortune cookie tell me almost the same thing.”

“Then clearly, it’s a bad idea to take the job.” He was only a little sarcastic on that one.

So the decision has been made.  I’ll stay where I’m at, I’ll enjoy what I’ve got, and I’ll keep my writing as my priority.  I feel a lot better about the whole thing.  Of course, I’d feel even better if I had another fortune cookie.  I’m hungry.


One thought on “Fortune Cookie Wisdom

  1. drtombibey says:

    Confuscious say: ‘Never go against advice of good husband or wise fortune cookie.”

    Dr. B

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