Intriguing Dilemma Continued

It had to be done – so I did it.  The character I liked so much (and still do), has been killed off.  And it hurt me to do it.  But the inspiration came and it had to be done.

I came to Vermont for the Vermont College Alumni Association board meeting.  I arrived Friday morning after flying all night and coming down with a rotten cold.  But once I reached campus, I felt it again – the magic that this place is infused with. As I met the other board members, we all shared similar comments about the unique nature of this place. We agreed that what each of us experienced here – regardless of the program in which we graduated – could not easily be put into words.  For me, I feel more connected to the writer within than I do anywhere else – even at home.

After a long day of meetings, a fabulous dinner at Sarducci’s in Montpelier, and 11 hours of much-needed sleep, I found that the scene which I’ve been avoiding writing had become crystalized in my thoughts.  I knew how to do it, what needed to happen, and where it fit into the story.  I drove from Montpelier to Burlington (about 35 minutes away), checked into my hotel, and pulled out my little laptop.  The scene wrote itself in a matter of minutes – or so it seemed. 

I cried as my character died.  I felt her pain and horror as she realized what was happening. It was brutal, and necessary, and I couldn’t stop shaking for nearly an hour after it was done. 

Revision can wait for now. I got through the hard part, and I am eager to move the story forward.  I’ve created the central conflict, I’ve introduced the central characters, and I’ve built the framework for the rest of the story to grow from.  Each book is an adventure, and this one has been particularly harrowing.  I know there will be other challenges that are waiting in the empty pages, but this one has been overcome.

Now if I could just figure out how to spend more time in Vermont without having to leave my family and my job behind . . .


One thought on “Intriguing Dilemma Continued

  1. drtombibey says:

    We’re all gonna die. At least when you kill ’em off in fiction they’re immortalized. Just don’t do in old Doc yet; I ain’t ready to go.

    Dr. B

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