Whoooosh!Public Declaration – 2010

It came so quickly, and even more quickly it was gone. The year 2009 flew in before I was ready for it, and before I know it, it is over. I am stunned and amazed at the speed with which this year has gone. So much has changed, so many aspects of my life are different, and my head is still spinning from the whirlwind that was this year.

So it’s time for me to look at the coming year, and to put my prognosticating skills to the test, but first a recap of this past year’s goals.

#1 – Continue to write, revise, and polish the novel I’m preparing for the agent with whom I’ve been in contact.  Ideally I’d like to have the first draft ready by March of 2009.

I did a good job with this one.  The novel is finished and in good shape. It has earned one rejection thus far, and I anticipate collecting a few more this coming year. 

#2 – Continue to work on marketing efforts to promote existing books, but also to prepare for the release of the upcoming book, The Deepest Blue, in 2009.  This includes getting my website updated, sending marketing materials to schools and book stores, and participating in more events such as signings, book festivals, and school visits.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, The Deepest Blue didn’t get released this year.  But it is circulating and is going to find a home soon. I was able to visit a few more schools and do several book signings at schools and book stores this year.  I already have a signing scheduled in February, and I hope to have  a few more lined up within the next month.

#3 – Continue participating in my critique group. This affords me the opportunity to both sharpen my literary analytical skills as well as improve my writing.

Sadly, I had to step out of my group for most of the year because of conflicts with my work schedule.  With the new job, I will be able to change this.

#4 – Review the stories I have already finished, or those which I’ve started that are waiting for work, and develop at least one into a marketable piece for submission.

Not so good with this one. I had less time to write than I had hoped, so all my efforts were spent on finishing just one book.

So now comes the time where I look to the new year and state my goals anew.  Without further adieu:

#1 – Find a permanent home for The Deepest Blue. It is currently waiting on an editor at Philomel, but Peggy at Tanglewood has said she would take it back in a heartbeat.  However, she also supports my desire to find a larger market for this book.

#2 – Get my most recent novel, Namesake, to the agent with whom I’ve been communicating. The book is done and collecting rejections.  I have a few items I want to make adjustments to before I send it, but I anticipate having it in her hands by the end of January.

#3 – Redo my website.  I love my website, and my friend Brad was so wonderful for having created it for me, but it needs an update so that I can continue to effectively focus my marketing.

And that’s it for this year.  I need to keep things simple because I don’t know how this new job is going to be just yet.  But I feel very confident about things this year.  I feel the change coming, and I am energized and excited for the new year.


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