Authorpalooza – 2010

On Saturday, February 6, the Barnes & Noble at South Towne Center in Sandy, Utah, hosted more than 40 local authors and illustrators from all different writing genres.  It was a complete riot!

The most enjoyable part of a big book signing like this is getting to run around and say “hi” to the folks you know, and meet a few that you don’t.  All due respect to the independent book stores (of which I am a huge fan), but the folks at B&N put on a fabulous affair.  We had large bottles of water labeled with our names, and packages of fresh cookies from the Starbucks café to munch on. 

The tables were scattered around the store, and I was lucky enough to be right up front by the checkout stands.  I know that certainly helped with book sales.  There were a lot of book bloggers there, too.  They came by, taking pictures, and it was a hoot to chat with them about what they do.  Fire & Ice was one of the bloggers.  She took great pictures of the event, which you can see here:

Natasha Maw at Maw Books Blog is another lovely find from the weekend.  She is knowledgeable, friendly, and so very dedicated to children’s literature.  You can read her blog here: I also really enjoyed watching her young son crawl through his stroller in all different contortions while his mom talked to the writers. 

I was fortunate to be seated next to Bobbie Pyron ( who has just released a book that is currently holding my fascination.  It’s called The Ring and is about a 15-year-old girl who becomes a boxer.  Talking with Bobbie helped to pass the time between autographs. We know a lot of the same people, but we had never actually met.  A new friend out of this is just the icing on a wonderful cake.

So now it’s back to work on writing.  I’ve started a new novel, loosely based on my oldest daughter’s experience with her dad’s second wife.  I’ve got the whole thing sketched out, and I’m enjoying the characters so far. We’ll see what happens.


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