Strange Things in the Wind

Let me begin this one with a statement of faith: I believe in energy.  Some call it God, some call it The Universe, and some call it The Force.  I don’t care what name or association you give it, I believe it exists.  I have proof. When energy is committed to a purpose, that energy can lead to action.  It happens often enough in my own life that it can’t merely be coincidence.  Denying its existence is the same as saying we humans have no actual power or ability, that we are simply little balls of goo and bones who are tossed about by the greater forces of nature. That makes us all victims, and I don’t buy into that at all.

So here is my latest bit of evidence for this theory:

I wrote a novel (yeah, I know, you’ve heard all about it on this blog already).  It’s called – for those who may be new here – “My Brother the Dog” and I’m relatively proud of it.

The thing is, this book has been in print for four years now – which is a fairly long time for a small book with limited sales.  Big publishers would have taken it out of print after a year if it hadn’t made a certain level of sales. Thank heavens for Peggy Tierney and Tanglewood Press. They believe in writers, and in giving writers a chance to succeed.  Peggy and I have been talking back and forth on another topic recently, but I’ve had several recent book signings for this one so it has been at the top of my awareness of late.

That’s where the energy part comes in.

I love this book, and I have wanted to write a sequel to it, and I have wanted to see it do better than it has. I’ve committed a great deal of energy to thinking about this book recently, and that energy has been carried on the winds (so to speak).

221003309_c557157373.jpg image by saturnsldy

Last week, my good friend Dan Vest called me up. It was 9:30 at night, and his enthusiasm buzzed through the phone like static.  Dan is an amazing illustrator and animator.  He went to animation school (which I didn’t even know existed!). He is in the process of creating a new comic book series called “Code Name: Zeus” which is fabulous, as are his designs.

He was calling to tell me about a new “job” he had taken. A local group of film producers and movie industry guys were starting a production company. He was working with them to produce a television show based on his series.  He wanted to invite me to come and tour the facilities.  I was excited for him.

“Absolutely,” I said.

“I have ulterior motives,” Dan said. “See, I’m also developing projects for this company, and I want to turn your book into a movie.”

My heart stopped for a split second.


“I think it would make an awesome movie, and I want you to come and meet the big guys here to talk about it.”


“Can you come on Monday morning?”

I didn’t hesitate. “What time?”

“How’s 9:00?”

“Absolutely,” I said. My heart was racing by this point. I scribbled the directions on a piece of paper and circled the time so I wouldn’t forget.

It was all I could think about all weekend.

I got there 20 minutes early on Monday – which for anyone who knows me is a miracle! I’m late to everything. Danny came out to meet me and took me on a tour of the studio.  They have a huge sound stage with a green screen for special effects.  They have a recording studio, a foley studio (for sound effects), an animation department, and the stuffed heads of four buffalo – that part was weird.

We sat and talked with the head honcho about the book, about writing, about my ideas, and about possible options for handling difficult scenes. It was a fascinating hour and a half. I had a great time laughing with Dan (accidentally called him Danny a few times, because that’s how I know him), and ended on a note of “Let’s talk more next week.”

It’s by no means a done deal, but it is a direction I had never imagined. It will be a new adventure, and that appeals to me, too. I’m focusing my energy on positive thoughts and trusting that all will be as it should be. There are, indeed, strange things in the wind, but I think that keeps things interesting!


One thought on “Strange Things in the Wind

  1. Amy Lavin says:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome! I hope it all works out, and I can’t wait to see it.

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