Waxing a Bit Poetic

I got to spend the day today judging the West Jordan High School annual poetry slam. I so dig on doing this!  These kids are enthusiastic, exciting, and many of them are amazing poets. I am always inspired by their courage, and by their writing.  So having spent a good portion of the day with them today, I found myself penning a few poems of my own.  I don’t write poetry often, and I share it even less, but in honor of their bravery, I’m being brave myself and putting one up here for public consumption.

Tainted Apologies

I have little right to expect anything from you, nor you from me. But here we are.

I guess it was inevitable to find myself like this:

stooped, aching, lost

Was this part of some compulsive “to do” list you kept in you head? Was it one of those bucket list items that needed to be cornered, wrestled, hog-tied, hands high, eight seconds?

If I fell too hard, I apologize. I didn’t understand.

But I did read Machiavelli. The similarities are significant; strikingly sympathetic.

If I showed myself as vulnerable, I apologize. I didn’t mean to care.

But you were convincing in your sincerity; stunningly seductive.

I apologize.

May I have my soul back, please?


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