Few and Far Between

A Facebook friend asked me about my blog a few days ago, and I acknowledged that I hadn’t been actively blogging.  This morning I awoke to the realization that it is now September, and another summer has slipped past me and into memory, and yet I hadn’t really done much that was significant.  I felt saddened by this at first, and then I took a look and realized there was more on my list of achievements than I realized.

Early in the summer I started mentoring a writer who has become a wonderful friend.  His writing journey has been one of significance and has been incredibly inspiring to me.  I have no doubt that he will become a published author, and not because of me, but because of his own effort and determination.

I bought a new car – a 2008 convertible Mustang – a car I’ve wanted since I got to ride around my uncle’s convertible Mustang as a little kid. I’m very proud of my car.  It is the first car that I bought on my own, with my own money, my own credit, MINE MINE MINE! I’m very proud of my baby, and I enjoy the heck out of her!

I finished revisions on a novel that is sitting on an agent’s desk awaiting an answer.  I also started a new novel and made pretty good progress on it over the three months I’ve been working. It’s a different story, one that is forcing me to stretch, but I’m enjoying feeling a little off-balance and pushed beyond my limits.  It is rejuvenating.

This summer (well, actually starting this spring) I launched a new program to get control of my health and my life.  The result has been exciting.  I’ve lost over 30 pounds and have dropped three clothing sizes. I am healthier and more active than ever, and I haven’t felt this good in close to 15 years.

I attended a private writing retreat put together by some of my friends.  We went to the southern part of the state and had a fabulous time writing, talking, exchanging ideas, and reading each other’s work.  While there, I started another novel, and I am excited to see where it goes once I finish the one I’ve been working on all summer.

There is so much that I achieved – even if I didn’t take any big trips or do anything for the record books.  There is time enough for that (Scotland next spring, Myrtle Beach next summer). For now, I’m pleased to know I am on the right path and doing everything I should be doing for myself and my family.


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