The Transition that Isn’t

I started a new job on December 1, so it has been just over a week since I began this new adventure.  I was nervous to make this change.  I admit it – I wondered if (despite the dream-like qualities of the job) I might not have made a bit of a mistake.

Silly Rabbit . . .

The move into the new situation has been nearly seamless.  I like the people I work with, I like that I spend my day playing with words, I like that I am surrounded by artistic, creative-types who see my idiosyncracies as part of what makes me qualified to do this job rather than something with which they must put up. I’m very lucky to have landed in a situation where from day one I’ve felt at home.  There is a lot to learn, but most of it pertains to technicalities rather than major tasks, and everything I do has something to do with writing.

And they pay me more money – which is a huge bonus!

And I still have time for my own writing. Yet another bonus!

In fact, having just finished the most recent novel, I’ve started collaborating with another writer on a project we’ve been wanting to do together. It’s an exciting opportunity, though certainly not without its own set of challenges.  But in reality, I am once again enthused and energized about the direction my life is going, about my writing (which is a giant piece of my life), and about the future.  I am reconnecting with writing friends, I am focusing on improving my craft and growing stronger as a writer, and I am really just enjoying the heck of what I’m doing at this time.

I’ve been invited to present at several workshops in the coming year, and my editor at Tanglewood is looking at reissuing my first book with a new name and a new cover. I have one book sitting on an agent’s desk, and another that is going through final revisions and will start circulating at the first of the year. So much is looking positive and optimistic that it’s hard not to feel a little buzzed on the excitement.  Of course, there are always the bubble bursters out there – the Local Writer Who Hates My Guts, the facebook friends who live to tell you you’re deluding yourself, the wanna-be writers who don’t like that you are doing something they want to be doing but are too lazy to actually follow through on.  Yep – they are there.  The good news is, I’m so happy about where my life is going and where my writing is going that I feel relatively bullet proof. 

So here it is – the end of the year, when I should normally be whining about the loss of my dad and how much I hate the holidays; the shift into a new job that should be causing me all kinds of stress and angst; the start of a new writing project with two still left hanging . In the famous words of one of my all-time favorite bands, “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”


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