Resolution Time

It’s that time of year again – time to make my New Year’s resolutions. The only resolutions I make anymore relate to writing, and for the last 5 years, I’ve shared them here.

Before I go into this year’s commitments, here is a review of last year’s and how I did.

1) I will secure an agent.  Well, sadly, I’ve been rejected by several (dozen) agents, but I haven’t found one yet. But I’m optimistic that I will find one soon.  The market is still a screwy place, but I have a sense things are changing; slowly, but surely.

2) I will finish “Project Evil Heart” This one I can check off the list! Jared and I finished this project, now named “Gallery of Dolls” in the nick of time. We are working on revisions and will have this one ready to submit very soon. We had such a good time doing this that we’ve decided to collaborate on another project in the future. We are working on individual projects right now, but by this summer, we hope to be ruthlessly killing more characters off.

3) I will finish my YA novel entitled “The Complete Guide to What I Should Have Known” I turned my attention to another book which was started quite a while ago. “The Afterward” is a speculative fiction for YA readers that takes place at the beginning of the second Civil War in America.  I finished it, revised it, and it is currently collecting rejection letters.

4) I will sell at least one book. Oddly enough, despite having absolutely no control over this, it happened! “The Deepest Blue” was initially rejected by my publisher, but a year and a half later, the story stuck with her and she bought it on December 1! At the same time, she announced plans to reissue my first novel, “My Brother the Dog”, with a new title (Kiss, Kiss, Bark), a new cover, and in hardback instead of paperback!

So what are this year’s goals?

1) I will finish the YA novel currently entitled “Death Kiss” and start submitting it by this summer.

2) I will start working on the collaborative projet with Jared (assuming he finishes his other one!) and have it completed by the end of the year.

3) I will continue trying to get an agent. Of course, having sold all my books without an agent, I sometimes wonder if I really need this. Then I read about an overseas deal or movie rights negotiated by an agent and I realize that this is the right course for me.

4) Continue learning and polishing my craft. I plan to attend a variety of workshops and conferences this year, learning more about the industry and about my chosen career.

These are my objectives, publicly posted so that I will be accountable for them. So much depends on outside forces – like whether or not the world is going to end (tee-hee), but I believe that dedication, perseverance, concentrated energy, and prayer will help me to achieve the results I want. I have the support of family and amazing friends, so realistically, everything is in my favor. I look forward to letting you know how things unfold this coming year.

Happy New Year, and keep writing!



5 thoughts on “Resolution Time

  1. Linda Bennett says:

    Kim, I just love your can do attitude. May you & your’s have a great New Year.

  2. Great job! You did good last year and you’ll do good again this year! I am currently working on my resolutions too.

    • Kim Justesen says:

      Make sure you share your resolutions! It’s far harder to back down from them when just about anyone can see what you’ve committed to! And let me say publicly that a good deal of what I accomplished was a result of YOUR support and friendship. We have an awesome partnership; something I wouldn’t trade for all the world! You complicated the hell out of it by moving, but a few thousand miles won’t get rid of me that easily! (Bwahaha!)

      Thank you for all you’ve done, and I look forward to celebrating the achievement of some of your resolutions, too!

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