Learning to Write My Name

Beautiful Monster becomes a reality in just two weeks – and I’ve encountered a problem . . .

I have to learn to sign a different name.

It has been freaking me out for a few days now. Funny as it may seem, my signature is something I pay close attention to! I have since my very first book was published in 1998. My signature has evolved over time, but about six years ago, it kind of settled.

Now – I have to start over. Because I wrote “Beautiful Monster” under a pen name, I can’t use my usual signature. Even though my family has called me Mimi for a number of years, and Williams is my maiden name, I’ve never signed this name in full on anything before. Suddenly I’m confronted having to learn to write my name all over again!

It has been funny to watch my own struggle to adapt to this new autograph. My efforts are humorous to say the least . . .

I’m displeased with all of these for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I want the end result to represent me well. And so far . . .

I plan to keep practicing, not only because I want it to look better, but also because I’m hopeful that I’ll be autographing a large number of books soon. The interesting challenge will be to see if I confuse myself and either sign the wrong name in the wrong book, or mix the names up with something like this:

It’s a good problem to have, really, and maybe it’s just an issue of vanity? Maybe I’m just old school enough to remember my second grade teacher, Mrs. Crisp, standing over me and watching my handwriting skills and clucking her tongue at me because that geeky kid Steve Farnsworth was so much better at it than I was. Of course, he was so much better at nearly everything that I eventually gave up caring. He’s a doctor now, I think. Serves him right. Now I bet you can’t ready anything he writes at all!

Here’s hoping I see you at a book signing soon. Then you can review the results of my efforts for yourself and tell me what you think. If you cluck your tongue at me, though, I may have to ask you leave! (KIDDING!)

OH – before someone panics: When I sign checks or credit cards, I don’t use the same signature. Just an FYI – not that I’m worried someone will steal my signature or something.


9 thoughts on “Learning to Write My Name

  1. Joe Rhoad says:

    I’m wondering if I should use a pen name for my first book. I’ve thought up variations of my name, and none of them seem very print-worthy. Or maybe that’s just me. Thoughts?

  2. I like the top “Mimi A. Williams” best.

  3. Linda L. Bennett says:

    Please send me a sticker with your names on them, so when I get my copy of Beautiful Monster I’ll have your autographs. LOL!!

  4. Kim Justesen says:

    Linda – It’s a deal!

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