Mother’s Day

I used to write a lot of poetry, but in recent months, I’ve focused on so many other areas that I haven’t written much of it lately. But I’ve been looking over some of what I wrote in the past, and in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m posting this one – I hope you enjoy!

Belated Mother’s Day

The storm blew the baby bird

from the safety of its nest

to the lawn where my children found it

while exploring after the rain.


My youngest daughter

from the tenderness of her child’s heart

scooped it from the wet grass

then called me, saying “Don’t let it die.”


So small, it had no feathers

just tufts of spiky down

that shot out in a dozen illogical directions

from the sides of its bald head.


It looked like Einstein

they named it Albert

and wrapped it in the softest dish towel

and set it in a bowl in my daughter’s room


I knew the possibility of survival

was remote, at best.

I went into the garden

collecting earthworms and strawberries


I crushed them in my kitchen

with a mortar and a pestle

which are typically reserved for grinding

basil and mint leaves


I mixed it up with water

and fed it to the orphaned bird

with a glass eye dropper I had purchased

from the pharmacy down the street.


For three days, I played surrogate to Albert

before the bird lady from the rescue center

called to take the orphan

off my hands and into hers.


We drove to her home

Albert in the bowl, on my lap

surprised, the bird lady said he looked healthy

and she told me, “You’re a good mom.”


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